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You Too Can Make Money Online

People are usually almost interested in making more money. And people with computers are no different. Actually I think people with computers are even more open to new ideas and most of them would like to learn how to make money working online.

The challenge usually is knowing where or how to get started. Unfortunately many people have the idea of 'I cannot make money online' and 'Making money online is just a scam'. And they are right. If you think you cannot make it, you won't! The first step to success is believing in your self and that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to! Those who try to make money online anticipate earning 'big' money quickly only to experience little to no earned income. They feel like they are a failure, or even blame it on the business, and in frustration they quit.

After being in the biz for a while I've seen it over and over again. People with no money to invest seek online programs in order to make quick bucks and when not making money after two weeks they quit. Losers! Quitters never win and winners never quit! You simply have to work something long enough to see results and stop jumping from bandwagon to bandwagon. The grass is not greener on the other side. I don't say this to be harsh or to make you feel bad if you have quit a program or two.

I have quit many programs my self but that was because the companies actually were 'bad apples' and actually were scams, or I didn't have the money to proceed. Fair enough. Just don't expect to make millions overnight online, if you haven't got any money to invest.

Online business is just like the real world it takes money to make money. Sure the internet opens up a lot of new ways to make money for free but then you also rely on free marketing, which is absolutely a great way to get traffic and sales, but it usually takes a lot longer time to make money using free advertising contra paid advertising. Now, if you maintain the burning desire to make money working online, you will need to keep your focus. And if you keep focus you will see better results! A good starting point could be to find a mentor! Having someone to help you on the right path and keeping you focused can really help you succeed. Try to find someone you know has achieved the results you would like to have for yourself, or better. You need to know the truth about anyone who has claimed, or is claiming, to be making money working online.

Anyone can be anything online so don't fall for 'smoke & mirror' type results that gives you high expectations of outlandish return in short time as very few achieve such results, and if they do it is due to hard work. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. What is facts and what is fiction? I have read countless great e-books and manuals on 'how to' make it online.

But how can I tell what is real or not? When researching stuff online, it is never good to know what is right and what is simply pure fiction. A tip is if you find yourself reading the same type of information from various different authors, your chances of actually reading something that is factual is much better than if this is just one persons opinion. That's unless this guy is a genius who have come up with something no other have ever though of. Slim chance! The key is how to pick the best ones and learn from these without spending a tons of cash on other peoples products before seeing a return on your investment. There is just so much info out there and so many 'gurus' that you need to find one or a few, and follow the guidelines of these folks. It can also be a good way to not only read but also view information as well.

It can often be a lot easier to learn by watching online videos of other people demonstrating and by viewing 'how to' examples. To read is one thing but watching others do something and then what they do is a completely different thing. There are many times I have not understood how to set up a new script or setting get a new software to work, but after viewing videos on the subject it almost without exception becomes a lot clearer to me. By doing so, you could find yourself getting the same results as your teacher or mentor. Actually, if you want to make more money working online, you should be duplicating someone else's success steps for yourself and if possible improve them.

Why be a copy cat? There is no reason to re-invent the wheel and there is nothing wrong with copying as long as you do not break any copyright violations or anything. The main key to success and to make money working online is, besides keeping focus, is to do something proactive on a weekly basis. Take action today, and do action steps on a daily basis, and you will progress much faster and success will come as a result.

The more time you devote to your business the faster success will come. Try to at least set aside 10-15 hours a week. You can have great success without being stuck in front of your computer every single day. Later, when your business is rolling you could plan to relax more or work on new projects but try to devote 10-15 hours a week for at least one full year. Learn from others mistakes and benefit from their success tips! Work smart not hard!.

Ralph Nunes is the CEO of the Monetizer Network website that offers articles, tips and tricks, free classifieds, marketing marketplace, events, forums, marketing news and updates on InternetMarketink from all over the world and more! To find this and more, check out his website at: http://www.MonetizerNetwork.com/


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