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What to do with your Mallorca property

If you have just bought an apartment somewhere in sunny Mallorca and you want to advertise it as a vacation Mallorca property you should advertise to reach a potential golfers market. With warm weather and sun almost year round, golf course apartments and villas are what everyone is trying to rent for their Spanish vacation. Advertising for your Mallorca property may be difficult; but if you know how to do it, it can also be a piece of cake. The best place to start would be a golfing publication. As the weather makes Mallorca one of the best European golfing destinations, you can be sure to find a golf course apartments and villas rental section in such publications.

There are some important golfing publications out there, so you should give it a try and find out how much they charge for an ad. However, you would hit your target audience for sure. As well as that you could also start putting some ads in your local newspapers, or even find a website which hosts or specializes in advertising this type of holiday let.

Or you could also sign an agreement with a company that advertises Mallorca properties themselves. These usually specialize in selecting properties that can be used as vacation houses and advertising them themselves, usually on ? line. They take time to get photos, maps, environment information and other facts about every Mallorca property they intend to advertise. However, if you intend to buy a Mallorca property in order to let in the future, you should take a very informed decision.

There are people who say that the country is heading to a recession, prices of everything are up and property is not selling. Local English language papers reported that 9% of the housing stock in Spain is currently sitting empty and 50% of new buildings are being completed but not sold. As one drives around the Mallorca area one can see re-sale property that has been on the market for over 12 months and the owners have to drop the prices. There is also a big issue of the Land Grab law and the cases of illegal builds all over Spain. Foreigners who have lived in Spain for years are advising people who are thinking of buying golf course apartments and villas to go to Spain and rent an apartment somewhere near or where they want to be for 6 months, to get a real feel for the place before making any final commitments to buying there. One must also know that things are very regional.

Parts of southern Spain were over run with cheap poorly built properties, so now buyers are a bit savvier; but good properties at sensible prices in good areas do still sell. Spain is the fastest growing economy in Europe, so owning a Mallorca property should bring you money, as long as you use your head. The Land Grab law in fact affected only a small percentage of property owners and whilst devastating to those affected, it has been sensationalized. By buying golf course apartments and villas on developing projects you cannot be affected by land grab.

People are considering buying Mallorca properties more and more often. As there is an increased demand for both buying and selling golf course apartments and villas it is safe to say that the Mallorca real estate is one of the most attractive markets around.


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