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Some Thoughts On Expanding Your Business

You may have found yourself in this position. You had hoped for it, planned for it, envisioned it and in some weird way feared it. It is called "expanding your business." It is called "growing your business" and seeing it do things that you were not really sure was going to happen. That is where we have found ourselves.

In the last eight months we have seen unbelievable, unfathomable growth in our business. More than the people we have can handle. Good problem. Right? Well, yes it is, but it also brings its challenges. We have the kind of business which we have office locations in two states.

We have been covering our business out of home offices, but recent growth demands that we not only move into one new office location but two, since we are in separate states. It means hiring support staff, and additional valued partners (our sales staff.) It means not just hiring, but the inevitable slew of things that come with growth.

Now we have to coordinate phone systems that cover a host of people in multiple locations, and office equipment from computers to desks, and from printers to chairs. It means double rent and multiple extra expenses. Most people think growth is great. I am of that opinion also. But it hit me recently that though growth is fantastic and means that we can service more people, satisfy more needs, help hire more people and expand our brand, it also comes with a price.

Being smaller meant less complicated problems. It meant making decisions that would have less impact on fewer people. It meant that sometimes the pace was slower and you could take time to smell the roses.

Now, the pace is faster.the amount of people affected by decisions greater.and the impact we have on lives bring more responsibility.

Is it wonderful that we have expanded to a national company and soon to be international. Yes! It means we are doing the right kind of things. But it reminds me also to keep things and people in perspective. It reminds me that the opportunity for error is greater, that there is more chance by people to hurt the cause if we are not ever on the lookout.

It reminds me of where we have come and that Someone much greater than we have been guiding and directing, and that we must never forget the trust that people have in our name and integrity. Growth is certainly great. But it reminds me to never forget our core values and those very important people that work everyday to make it happen in our company.

I am eternally grateful for them. In my musings, i am reminded to caution you that when you grow, never forget. Do not forget where you came from and how you got to where you are. Do not forget to continue your core values and your integrity and honesty.

Yes the furnishings may change, and the amount of customers may increase, but always stay the course. It will not let you down. You will be able to sleep well at the end of the day.

Paul Donihue is CEO of a business financial solutions company. Look for his new book, 11 Ways to KILL Your Business...And Avoid Success! to be released soon as an eBook, print book and in audio book form. Visit his blog at Visit his blog at http://www.dontkillyourbusiness.typepad.com / or http://www.blowthedoorsoffbusiness.com/ /


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