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selling a home privately

When you chose to sell your home privately (without the help of a real estate agent), most likely it's because you wanted to save some money. A research shows that selling a home privately can save as much as $9000 during the home selling process. Don't let this fact sway you, though. A qualified real estate agent costs a lot because they have experience in the market and is more likely to give you a more secure price of your home.

An agent also wins in network; being able to reach people who's looking for a house, or can help selling one. Selling a home privately will also affect the marketing process. If you sell your home without the help of an agent, it's not likely that you'll have access to Multiple Listing Services - a database full of house listings given out to homebuyers. You might need to get the buyers in some other way, like holding an open house or putting an advertisement on local newspaper.

Furthermore, when a buyer sees that you are selling your home privately, they will offer a lower price, because they knew you're already saving money from not hiring an agent. On the other hand, it is understandable that some people can not trust other people to sell their home. Selling your home privately means being in total control of the transaction. You know that you will always be available for questions or home showings. Whenever you made a mistake, it's yours and only yours to blame (trust me, a mistake that costs you nothing would still feel better than an expensive one). When you're sure that selling your home privately is the way to go, there are some extra preparations you need to do.

Take extra measures in preparing your house. Remember that you'll be competing with professional agents and their clients' houses - make sure you have a chance to stand out! Find websites that provides a "selling by owner" kit. Get as maximum exposure as possible You also need to get educated in legal requirements and contract making. This will take some time, so get help from an attorney and start researching way behind your selling date. Selling a home privately is a tricky business.

Some say that you're able to sell your own house if you have three free hours every day of the week. With a little bit of work, you'll manage to put that much-needed money to better use.

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selling a home privately - When you chose to sell your home privately (without the help of a real estate agent), most likely it's because you wanted to save some money.

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