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Loan Officers Dont Just Plan Act

Loan officers are often seen making plans that they tend to implement in the coming future. And the truth is that only a mere percentage always does what they promise. But real estate agents and property buyers are interested in what you are giving them today. If they gain benefit from you today they will be forced to listen, think and ponder over your future strategies as they will now come to know that you are a man of work and not words. If you only sit making new plans, emailing them to realtors and buyers, calling existing clients for updates, check interest and mortgage rates and do nothing, then what do you expect to yield? Nothing!! These activities will earn you nothing.

Even though there is very little risk of rejection or failure by doing so as people seldom respond negatively and portray there frustration openly. These activities generate no income. Meeting with realtors, giving presentations, calling prospects on the phone and other sales activities rarely get done with any level of consistency.

This doesn't mean to set you back from these marketing techniques. But market them effectively. It is human nature to move away from efforts and try to seek the easiest way out of a problem.

But hard work is what reaps huge benefits and high sales. Success comes one day at a time. If you focus on doing just one positive activity per day, like bringing yourself new realtor business, you would eventually realize success. This will make the process longer for sure but baby steps are what lead you towards running in Olympics.

As a loan officer if you glance back at your career from when you started, you will realize the changes and progress you've made. But any change will only then be noticeable if you have had made a change in your approach to realtors. If you find yourself standing in the same place where you were three years ago then probably the fault is all yours. Most loan officers blame the economy, or the mortgage company they work for. But they forget the rule of life that: "You are where you are today because of decisions you made yesterday." Gain knowledge of the strategies others are using in the current run.

Base your own strategies in order to compete those of others. Keep the techniques in mind while creating your own. Spend the money, invest in yourself as there is no better investment you can make anywhere than in your own brain. Don't be afraid to take small risks and you can and will turn things around!.

Joe Pahl is a marketing consultant and co-creator of the Loan Maker Gold System for Loan Officers. To learn more marketing strategies targeted at loan officers and orginators, please visit http://www.LoanMakerGold.com/ecourse.html


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