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Homebuyers Respondsibilties when Buying New Construction

Mesa is a great community for new home construction. When you purchase a new home in Mesa, you know that you are going to get a home that is made just for you, a home that has all new appliances, has never been lived in and is problem free. Not all new homes are alike. Some builders give great attention to detail, other builders don't seem to have principles towards quality of construction.

When you get ready to close on your Mesa home, you want to make sure the house meets your standards. A big part of that process is being actively involved in evaluating the builder, the development and ultimately, being part of the home inspections. Before you commit to purchasing a new home, carefully check out the builder. There are several excellent builders in Mesa. Home developments in Mesa will vary a great deal - some homes are geared towards starter homes, others are primarily luxury communities. Developments can also be quite different in the size of the lot the home is located on, the size of the house, and the amenities that are offered with the community.

Check out the builder carefully. Ask for referrals, check the Better Business Bureau, and ask home owners in other communities about their experience. Also check out any future plans for the neighborhood and community. Mesa is a growing city. Check with the zoning commission to see what other communities are planned, what road systems will be built to handle increased traffic, new schools, hospitals, etc. It's important to make sure the community has the infrastructure to support the development.

When you finally decide to purchase a home, be involved in the process even as the home is under construction. When you buy a home that is still being built you cam make a lot of custom changes to the home. You are also in the unique position of being able to monitor the construction as the home goes up. Be sure to check out the home as: * the foundation is being poured; * the home is being framed; * and the finishing touches are added to the house.

Buying a new home in Mesa is an incredibly exciting proposition. If you pay attention to the home building process, you'll have a home that you can be confident in its quality of construction. Then you can sit back on and watch your home value appreciate.

Go to Central Arizona Homes and get a free copy of our 2005 Housing Appreciation Report. Search the Mesa MLS.


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