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Generating Leads For Your Network Marketing Business

At the heart of any good network marketing business is a person who knows how to generate leads. Leads enable you to constantly build your business, and are the one true way of getting to the top of any network marketing business. If you do not focus on lead generation, you will soon find that your slow business growth and resulting lack of adequate cashflow is not enough to support your business expenses. Many people end up quitting because they do not understand how to generate leads. The best lead is someone who has expressed an interest in starting their own home based internet marketing business. I like to refer to them as business opportunity seekers.

There are many different schools of thought on the best way to get these leads for your business. Some people believe in buying leads from lead generation companies and spending all day on the phone trying to convince them to join their business. This is an expensive and unproductive way of going about it. A new popular strategy is to use the concept of a funded proposal to generate leads for your business.

A funded proposal is when an interested lead you generate joins an inexpensive program you present to them, which creates immediate cashflow for you in the form of enrollment bonuses. These bonuses in turn pay for the cost you incurred to acquire the lead in the first place, whether it was through a google adwords campaign, newspaper ad, banner ad, etc. This method allows you to weed out the tire kickers. If someone is willing to join the inexpensive program you introduce to them, then you will be willing to work with them and help them succeed online. The new lead, or business opportunity seeker, can then be introduced to your primary network marketing company at a later time. The bottom line is that good business opportunity seeker leads are the fuel to earning a top residual income in your network marketing business.

These leads are going to produce the sales and sign ups you need to make your business explode and be successful long term. They can truly make or break your business. You need to understand what makes a lead good and where to get it. I recommend using a funded proposal to generate your own leads, so you can ensure they are committed and worthy of your time, effort, and trust.

Tom Childs holds an MBA from the University at Buffalo, and is involved with several highly successful internet businesses. Visit Tom's "Home Business Success Training Journal" Blog Site: Click Here For Tom's Blog Are You Looking for an Internet Business to Get Started With? Tom Recommends This One: Click Here To Learn More


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