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Excel with Banner Advertisements for Better Traffic Generation

Lining Internet pages throughout the World Wide Web are the trademark banner advertisements. Its ability to lure visitors with its content and strategic design can either make or break a business.Its quintessential element is clear: to pave the way for businesses to promote themselves. With a solid banner ad, many advantages could come to play: high clickthroughs, brand awareness, increased sales, and more. It only makes sense to design your banner ad to its highest potential.

With the following strategies, you will be attracting swarms of Internet traffic to your site in no time. Clickthrough rates are highly helped by the use of power words that encourage visitors to take action. Prompts such as "Click here", "free newsletter", or "pay a visit" can create a sense of urgency within the visitor to click on your banner. Another bona fide tip is to analyze banner ads that've caught your attention. Ever notice how Orbitz' banner ads contain mini games for users to play with before following through to the main page? This is a perfect example of an interactive banner.

Interactive banners have buttons and icons throughout that simulate action when clicking.Attracting quality attention to your banner advertisement comes with using a powerful color scheme as well. Complimentary colors, a consistent emphasis throughout, and the bolding and highlighting of important keywords like "click here" or "limited offer" can add a spark to your ads design. Don't forget to have 7 words or less.

Too much text is grounds for clutter and will be ignored. Remember, make sure the file size of your banner is small! Web browsers on the Internet can navigate at outrageous speeds, not even allowing time for webpages to laod fully. If the page in which your banner is in takes more than 10 seconds to load, the chances of having your banner seen is pretty low. Nobody will click a banner they can't see. Need programs to help you get started? Instead of paying a professional designer to create your ad, you can make them for free at sites like addesigner.com, bannermakerpro.

com, and a free trial at swttext.com. After making your masterpiece using the above techniques, join link exchange programs and distribute your banner to attract your target market. Expertly designed banner advertisements mean nothing with link swaps and link trade directories being used. Try http://magiklinktrader.

com or link-city.com and exchange links with 1000's of people to boost that traffic. However, keep in mind that you must target your niche audience for the best chances of success.

Ryan Smith is the owner of http://www.mustviewads.com and Hot Web Ring, which offers high quality traffic for free! Find out more at http://www.hotwebring.com


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