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Do I Need to Enroll Someone to Make Money

Most people have a misconception about a network marketing business. They think that by getting a friend or anyone into the business is the way to make money. It may look like that on the surface but its much more then introducing friends the opportunity and making money.

Recently, I was chatting with one of my team members and she asked, "Terry, do I need to enroll people into the business in order to make money? And get the new enrollee to do the same in order for him or her to make money?" I didn't reply her and thought for a moment. Do network marketing work that way? Back in my mind I knew that it don't work that way but I was dumbfounded and did not know how to explain to her. Deep in my heart I knew that a network marketing business is more than just enrolling people and making money. It's about helping your team to grow their business.

Many people don't see it that way, they think that just by enrolling more people into the business they will make more money. That's not the case, very often a high percentage of the people they enrolled will eventually dropout from the business simply because they can't grow their business. Like I mentioned earlier, network marketing business is more than just making money, it is about team work, leadership and real life business education that most will never learn from school. After a moment of thought, I replied her.

I told her it's much more than enrolling people, it is about helping your team to grow their business. She replied, "Huh?" (I guess she was still puzzled and confused) I don't think she get the picture at that moment. I gave her an example. It doesn't matter if you can enroll 100 or 200 people in a month, if they are unable to grow their business, they are all going to quit! You need to educate them on how they can grow their business so that they can duplicate what you do. If you enroll only 10 people and educate them on how they can grow their business.

They will learn, apply and grow. A team of 10 will turn into a team of 100, it goes on and they won't even think about quitting because their team is growing and they are making money. In return, you make money whey your team makes money. "Oh, so this is the secret to growing my business. I will go do that!".

She began to understand about how network marketing works. If you still think that just by enrolling or recruiting new members is the way of making money than you are wrong. It is about helping your team to grow. If you haven't been doing that, it's still not too late to start.

Terry Tay is an Internet Network Marketer. He is with a team of online entrepreneurs who are experiencing growth in their home business and recently made a sales of $10,045 in only 24hrs. Find out how you can get into the action NOW at http://www.Success-eBusiness.com


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