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Costa Rica Vacations The Most Popular in All of the Americas

It is time to expand your vacation destination horizons. Sure, the Caribbean Islands and Puerto Rico are nice places to visit. But I'd like to challenge you to consider a different vacation destination when you're planning your next much-needed rest and relaxation break. Ever been to Costa Rica? I've been to lots of vacation destinations throughout my life and I've been to Costa Rica. I've enjoyed them all (I was, after all, on vacation!) but after all these years, Costa Rica has remained a favorite spot because even though it's one location, I can have so many different types of vacations when I go. I can vacation on the coast and take in the beach, book a spot in San Jose for a taste of Costa Rica style city-life, or I can venture to the Southern inland regions for quiet getaways among rainforests and some of the best natural park adventures that Costa Rica has to offer.

It's up to me. I know about all of these things because I'm the curious, explorer type. Unlike most vacationers who tend to stick to the highlights posted in the usual "tourist's catalogs," I enjoy the beaten path as well as the less-traveled excursions when I go on vacation.

Still, no matter what kind of vacationer you are, I think that you'll benefit from the list of tourist resources listed on DevelopingParadise.com. There is information available for you no matter what kind of Costa Rica vacation that you want to have.

There are links for the sports and adventure excursions, the cultural attractions, things for the family to do, mini trips that couples will enjoy, and more. It's really the best site to learn about all the things you can do in Costa Rica. Be forewarned though: You will want to do more than one can do during the average one-week vacation; everyone who starts learning about Costa Rica does?so they end up scheduling more than one vacation.

(Hence, how I know so much about Costa Rica!) One other suggestion for you while you're vacationing in Costa Rica: Take advantage of your surroundings because the Costa Rica real estate is doing quite well and with the U.S. economy the way that it is these days, investing in Costa Rica real estate is something that could make life a little easier.

Real estate investors, whether they're purchasing land, a home ot a business location, are seeing excellent returns on their investments (100% in less than 3 years isn't uncommon). So, take a day to tour with a land sales or real estate agent/developer in the region you're vacationing to learn about the investment opportunities that are available. After all, you went to the region because it was a "hot vacation destination" so others will too; if you own land or a home in that area, you'll be well poised to experience some great returns on your investment. by David Lovendahl, Developing Paradise S.A.

www.DevelopingParadise.comhas some amazing products about Costa Rica such as the Investor's Blueprint, Special Reports about exotic getaways, DVD's and CD's. They also have beautiful, developed coastal land available now for less than $12,000/acre! Roads and Utilities are in and Closing is FREE. Grab your FREE 'Amazing Guide to Costa Rica Riches' NOW at www.DevelopingParadise.com


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