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Coronado Real Estate Reasons Why It May Be the Worlds Best

If you've ever been to Coronado, California you have a pretty good idea of what paradise looks like. Real estate experts always talk about "location, location, location" as the most important factor in determining the value of a property. Well, it's the absolute truth -- and it's tough to find a better location than Coronado! Here are 5 reasons why Coronado real estate may be the world's best: 1. Perfect weather -- Coronado, located just off the Southern California coast, enjoys the type of weather most people daydream about: warm sun, cool ocean breezes, just a few fluffy clouds, low-humidity, very infrequent rain, and a temperature that stays in the upper-60's to low-70's range all year long.

As is the case in most cities on the Pacific coast, early mornings in Coronado can be chilly -- but, once the fog burns off, you won't want to go back inside until the sun goes down! 2. Beautiful beaches -- Coronado's beaches are consistently rated among the world's best by travel guides, magazines, and television shows. In fact, the Travel Channel recently ranked Coronado's beaches in the top-10 in the US, and number 1 in Southern California. which is saying A LOT when you consider the number of world-class beaches located between LA and San Diego. It's no wonder that Coronado's beach-front real estate is among the world's most valuable! 3.

Convenient Location -- Coronado is located right next to one of the most vibrant and colorful cities in the world: San Diego. Often called an "island," Coronado is actually a peninsula connected to the mainland by a strip of land called the Silver Strand. Physically, Coronado is only about a mile from downtown San Diego, giving its residents easy access to a huge variety of shopping, dining, entertainment, universities, professional sports, and all the other great benefits a major city provides. For even more fun and shopping, Baja Mexico is just a 15-minute drive to the south.

4. Small Town Atmosphere -- Despite it's close proximity to San Diego, Coronado has a truly unique and inviting "small town" atmosphere all its own. When you leave the city and cross the bridge to Coronado you really feel as though you've stepped into another world. You see wide tree-lined streets, elegant Victorian homes, charming Spanish-style cottages, beautifully manicured lawns, quaint, locally-owned shops and boutiques, clean air, nice, cheerful people. and many other things you won't find much of in the city! It's this safe, friendly atmosphere that is the real draw for many people looking for prized Coronado real estate. 5.

True Romance -- San Diego's "enchanted island," as Coronado is often called, is among the world's most romantic locations. Whether its a picnic on the beach, a Sunday afternoon concert in the park, or an intimate dinner in the famous Hotel del Coronado, Coronado offers residents and visitors alike the perfect romantic getaway. There's a reason why Coronado has been chosen as the number one wedding destination in America: you won't find a more magical place in such an exquisite setting anywhere in the world! As you can see, Coronado definitely deserves its world-class reputation. It's a truly special place that provides the perfect setting in which to live the "good life.

" Buying Coronado real estate is a can't-go-wrong investment anyone with the means and wherewithal should consider making!.

Jamie Clark is a writer and co-editor for Coronado-Real-Estate-Guide.com. To learn more about beautiful Coronado, California real estate be sure to visit: http://www.coronado-real-estate-guide.com


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