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Auto Loans - Getting the best Interest Rate
by Paul Wilson

When it comes to financing an new vehicle purchase, most people end up paying to high an interest rate for their auto loan. The wide variery of auto financing options available to new car buyers, means you could end up paying thousands of dollars in additional financing costs for the same vehicle if you do not consider all your options.

Here is how to get the lowest auto financing rate:

Obtain a copy of your credit report and credit score. Carefully review your credit file to determine if it contains any errors. Correcting any incorrect or negative information from your credit report will help you obtain a lower interest rate. Knowing exactly what your score is will help you when it comes time to negotiate your auto loan with your dealer or bank.

Contact local nbanks, credit unions and car dealers and obtain their interest rates and terms before you start visiting dealers. Most auto dealers receive commissions on the loans they finance. If you’re not careful, that commission paid to the dealer could mean you pay a higher auto loan interest rate than you would if you got the loan through your bank or credit union.

If you have bad credit or no credit you should always try and obtain a loan from the bank or credit union you are currently have a relationship with. In most cases banks are willing to work with established customers. If your bank is not willing to assist you websites like Auto Loan Financing (www.auto-loan-financing.info) specialize in “bad credit auto loans”. In most cases on line lenders help you find a lower interest rate than can be obtained through a car dealer who provide financing for people with poor credit.

Use a auto loan calculator to estimate what your loan will cost each month. It saves you the time of looking at vehicles you can’t afford,

Shop around and compare deals and financing rates. You will never get the best possible auto loan rate by randomly selecting a car dealer.

About The Author

Paul Wilson is a regular contributor to Auto-Loans-Financing.info, a leading online provider of auto loans for all types of credit.