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A Responsible Approach to Online Marketing

When a person comes online, they are generally looking for information and resources. Many people are searching for a way to make money online and therein lies the setup for an unhealthy partnering of newbie and Internet savvy scam artist. Everyone that has been online for a while and has set up a business needs to market that business to pay their bills and to grow their business. However, the Internet seems to be in need of growing a "conscience" when it comes to the ebooks, the software, and the tools that are offered to new people and those that are still searching for a method to better their life. Whether retail marketing or sponsorship program, each requires a lot of the person's time and resources to market to the new client.

Every day there are emails offering the newest marketing blitz, the most cherished system that a person cannot live without, the only method to making thousands of dollars as evidenced by the checks the marketer has received. Granted, there are disclaimers, but it is like saying something in a courtroom. Once the word is out, it is highly unlikely that the jury is going to forget what was mentioned. The same goes for claims to wealth. Receiving an email with a product that seems legitimate and is followed with a heart-felt sales offer will encourage many people to continue and become a representative.

The story behind how the marketer got to his position, how he felt during the start-up phase, and how he managed to obtain the goals set is much more interesting than how much he received in his last check. There has never been anyone that could spend that marketer's check but himself, so there seems to be no real reason to be showing checks in a sales solicitation. After a person becomes a representative or purchases a product from a marketer, that marketer has a responsibility to help or lead the new person to obtain their goals.

To keep retail sales from being cancelled, a follow up email on how to use the product or some of the benefits not mentioned previously or some general knowledge of how the product has helped others will be most welcomed. The follow up lets the new representative know that the marketer has his best interests at heart and that he is not just another notch in his sponsor's printout sheet. Knowing there is a caring person behind a great product or program is more than enough motivation to a new person. This can be an inspiration to them to do well and to continue to try knowing that they have someone in their corner should a problem or questions come up. Many marketers send out multiple solicitations to join their respective companies and, honestly, just wait to see who takes the bait and runs with it. That is one method of marketing, but it seriously lacks a sponsor's responsibility.

A marketer should help a new person as much as that person wants to work. Giving ideas, helping them through hard and easy times, and sharing methods that seem to be working and letting the everyone takes what they need and leave the rest seems to be a responsible attitude. Everyone is different and new people have fear of failure on their mind and so trying to make everyone fit one mold is not a workable method. What works for one may not work for another, but it is helpful to the new person to know what the options are and to count on their representative to guide them.

To sum it up, if you are working programs or products that require sponsoring, then make sure that you retail products and that you spend time with those you bring into the program. To do anything other than guide and share with those that you sponsor is irresponsible marketing and should be abandoned. Online marketing can be a great source of friendship and business profits that last a lifetime if promoted properly. Do your part to make the Internet a more responsible and caring place.

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